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Abode Releases New Security Hub

Abode on Thursday announced a new home security system, called the Abode Security Kit. 

The new $160 Abode Security Kit joins the $280 Smart Security Kit and the $330 IOTA security kit in Abode’s lineup.

The Abode Security Kit includes three pieces of hardware. There’s the Abode Security Hub, a mini door/window sensor, and one keyfob. Even though the security kit is pretty bare-bones, you can add to it piecemeal by purchasing more sensors as needed. 

The hub uses Wi-Fi connectivity for communicating with the Abode app for control of the security system, such as arming and disarming it. 

You’ll also be able to use Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant integration for further control of the system. Additionally, Google Nest products such as Nest Cams and Nest thermostats can be integrated into the Abode app. 

As for monitoring the security system, you have the option of two different subscription plans. 

The Standard Plan is $7 per month/$70 per year and includes self-monitoring, along with home automation access for an unlimited number of users from the mobile app. You’ll be able to receive alerts, and view live and recorded video in the app.

The Abode Pro Plan is $23 per month/$220 per year, and includes professional monitoring, cellular backup to ensure the security system stays connected during an internet outage, plus all of the features included in the standard plan. 

Abode has lowered the price of the Abode Security Kit to $140 for a limited time to celebrate the launch of the new system. You can learn more and order it directly from Abode right now.

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