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Cove: Review

Cove Smart is rapidly gaining traction in the home security industry with its innovative approach to customer-centric protection. Offering a blend of professional-grade security with the simplicity of DIY installation, Cove Smart is a compelling choice for homeowners seeking a balance of convenience and reliability.


  • Equipment Costs: Starting at $229
  • Monitoring Options: Professional 24/7 monitoring
  • Monthly Monitoring Costs: Starting at $15
  • Contract Lengths: Month-to-month (no long-term contracts)
  • Installation Options: DIY with live assistance
  • Smart Platform Integration: Works with Alexa and Google Assistant

Pricing: Cove Smart’s pricing model is designed to be straightforward and affordable, with no hidden fees. They frequently offer discounts and promotions to new customers, making their systems even more accessible.

Quality: The quality of Cove Smart’s equipment is a testament to their commitment to security and customer satisfaction. Their user-friendly interface and reliable components have garnered positive user reviews and high customer ratings.

Installation: Installation is a breeze with Cove Smart. Their systems are designed for easy, peel-and-stick setup, and they offer live assistance to guide you through the process. This makes Cove Smart an excellent option for renters and homeowners alike. Discover more about their installation services.

User Reviews and Complaints: Potential buyers should consider looking into Cove Smart’s customer feedback and address any complaints to ensure the system fits their home security needs.

Discount Codes and Coupons: For those interested in maximizing value, keep an eye out for Cove Smart’s discount codes and coupons to get the best deal on your security system.

Additional Features: Cove Smart’s lineup includes a variety of security devices, from door sensors to environmental monitoring, ensuring a well-rounded home security solution.

For more information or to get a personalized quote, visit Cove Smart’s official website or reach out to their customer service at their contact page.

  • Integration with Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • Professional monitoring included with every system.
  • Competitive monthly pricing.
  • Limited equipment variety.
  • No long-term contract options.
  • Requires a Subscription.
Hardware Quality - 8
App - 8
Automation - 7
Integrations - 7.5

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