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Vivint: Review

Vivint stands out for its seamless integration of home security and automation. Their systems are designed to work harmoniously with smart home devices, providing users with a unified and intuitive control platform. While their equipment might be on the pricier side, the quality and advanced features they offer justify the cost.

The company provides professional installation, ensuring that all devices are set up correctly and efficiently. This is especially beneficial for those who might not be tech-savvy or simply prefer a hassle-free setup. Additionally, Vivint’s customer service is commendable, with representatives being knowledgeable and responsive.

Vivint is a top-tier home security company known for its smart home integration and professional installation. They offer a comprehensive range of security devices, including cameras, sensors, and smart locks.
  • Advanced smart home integration.
  • High-quality equipment.
  • Flexible financing options.
  • Comprehensive mobile app.
  • Higher equipment costs.
  • Long-term contracts for some financing options.
Hardware Quality - 10
App - 8.5
Automation - 8
Integrations - 9

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